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How does it work?


You make a request with e-mail, we send your a offer and your order by e-mail. You will also receive a booking confirmation by e-mail.
You pay your transfer directly to the driver in the car. You can pay cash or by card. (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, ApplePay and Maestro). At the airport you will find a cash machine if you need cash (Euro).

Of course, we can invoice your driving with prepayment for eg companies, groups, etc. Please contact us by e-mail 

How do I find my driver?

At the airport:

On the day of arrival, your driver will be waiting for you at the arrival hall (customs area) at the airport. He holds a sign with your name and your destination to help you find it easily.

At the train station:
The driver is in the arrivals hall. He is holding a sign with your name and destination to help you find it easily.


Hotel / Accommodation Collection:
If you have ordered a hotel / accommodation pick-up, then the driver comes to the reception or stands in front of the house. If you can not find your driver, call our hotline +4367684161117 or write an SMS / WhatsApp.

What to do in case of cancellation, change of flight times etc.?

If you want to cancel, it is free of charge up to 24 hours before departure. It is obviously free to change flight times, etc. Occasionally, airlines change their times. Important is just that we get your information. Send a simple email with your information. Should you need to contact us at short before your transfer please send SMS / WhatsApp . 

For cancellation short for 24 hours before transfers were kindly ask for message by SMS / WhatsApp to +43 676 84 16 11 17

Should we not get your cancellation on time we charge you 50% of the transfer price.

Delay, canceled or redirected flight:

In case of delay or change of flight times during the last 24 hours prior to your order, we will send you an SMS or WhatsApp Message to us at +43 676 84 16 11 17.

You have access to this information faster than we who are waiting for you.  We do not  calculates extra charge if your flight is delayed or canceled, but your driver will be happy if he gets a tip money.


In case of burial delays, canceled or canceled flight, contact us as soon as you can. Perhaps we can replanning the cars that might take another transfer. It is decided individually on each case when we know what is applicable; will you come later.

Do you come to another airport or other day?  We do not calculate any costs and therefore expect co-operation on your part. Often, the cars are divided into multiple transfers during high season and if you arrive late, we may need to redirect vehicles and drivers so that a car is ready for you when you arrive.

If your flight is redirected to another airport due to bad weather, your driver always waits at the first ordered airport. We ask you to send an SMS / WhatsApp at the following number +43 676 84 16 11 17, as soon as you know where you have landed. Your airline organizes a bus shuttle from the alternative airport to your convenient airport. Please notify us when you know more, because your driver is waiting for you and in the waiting time he can rest, take something to eat or drink.  When you arrive at the planned airport (usually on a bus parking) please go to the airline's arrivals hall. There your driver is waiting. He has  a sign with your name.

Your driver is ALWAYS waiting for you at the ordered airport!

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